Sunday, February 6, 2011

So I feel like it. ^_-

So it has been a terribly crazy week- a crazy chat friend who is as sane as my shoe which for some particular reason infuriates the crap out of me, as it makes me feel like fucking Russel Brand in comparison.

My sister send me texts that go- I have a bad cough.
(My reaction- wtf?)

My tuition friend texts me everyday regarding her hatred for the world and how everyone should be bombed.

My colony friend declared his love for me when he realized that in the past few weeks I have surpassed all boundaries of normalcy now that I cynically judge every living being on who I chance upon and incessantly declare them as "Fucking dumb". I was practicing math with him during this particular shocking outburst of his.
How romantic.

My childhood friend told me that he's sick of me not having a dick whatever that meant. He says that I'd pass any day as a "first-class" man.

My best friend is plotting with my enemy and making friends with him.

My parents are being nice though. I think they're on a popularity contest. FULL 10! :D

Classes, classes and then- oh wait, classes.
And economics project was due and the teachers uncalled reaction made me want to box her face right in when she went" Excellent Project.. Best that I've seen this time. Are you sure it's yours?"

Some epiphanies, some long spans of periodic blackout while thinking something or the other, some studying, some sleepovers and some- oh wait, it's getting warmer in delhi now.
DAMNIT. Winter's going.
I used to like Winter. Winter is nice.
I've decided to do covers on my favorite songs and I'll put 'em up here.
FUN. ^_^
So wait for more updates.
And the crazy poems that I've been posting lately. They're easy gibberish, but I'm bloody proud of them :)

AND AND AND I'm sick of people on BLOGGER especially those who read a post that contains all these nice thesaurus-witnessed syllables that have been compiled by the blog owner with great pains especially to ensure that nobody comprehends what is being conveyed in the whole post.
Oh and then their classic response is- " WOW! your english is stupefying. And you write so brilliantly!" *sWHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!*
I say Libya is weird. Who agrees?
No offense, I add.
None taken, comes the response from my phone.

Goodnight, world.


nil said...

Sure. this post didnt' hurt me. AT ALL. even after you did YOUKNOWWHAT to me on a fucking public forum.
The world is a dark place with voldemorts and dementors like you.


Charu said...

Thanks for this post. Was getting a bit shocked(?) by all the great poems you've been putting up lately.They're so NOT gibberish (at least to me ;)

Cool post this, enjoyed it through and through. You're awesome :)