Friday, February 4, 2011

Old lady, Yulie.

Young lady, Yulie lived in the far Neverland
with two pretty little daughters and a rather fine huband
who charmed her friends with his witty says
They never could believe under all that grey hair
lay a fine stolid man with his unique enamoring way.

Her daughters were the finest
the best in the land, the elder the prettiest
and the younger so intelligent with an attractive tan
Now when they were old enough, old lady Yulie had no fear
unlike the mothers around
for she was a sensible woman and was not afraid
She just wanted them to be clever not a man's faithful maid.

Gradually they married, they found them a match
the elder chose what her parents loved, and the younger found her own catch.
Now Yulie lived all alone, contented in a little house with
her witty husband who now reflected a lot,
"Say what, hey Yulie!" He said to her one day,
"We've had a fine life, haven't we, eh?"
She smiled and nodded in silence because she
was too be busy knitting for her little grandson-to-be,
And began again, her life partner-thereof
of a foregone marriage,"I think we've grown old, love!"
He exclaimed and then subsided he,
into a fine thread of thoughtfull melancholy.

Oh, that witty old man, no longer seemed witty to her,
for he very unwittingly, had had conferred
a very common disease
called the fear to age which was a frightful thing for now it had
Yulie, the lady all preoccupied and engaged.
She left the little sock that she once knit with care,
for now her whole life flashed infront of her in a harsh glare
"Oh!" she exclaimed to her own thoughts
I am ashamed to be thinking thus!" she said distraught
wasn't I a sensible woman? She asked
Ofcourse, you are, her soul remarked!

But, it is fine to think in this manner, said her soul
no need to beat yourself about this to the end of south pole!
You are a human and you have your insecurities,
that may befall you, you think and all of these possibilities
Be sensible, hear! hear! chimed the multiple personalities to her
that now seemed so dominant
You fear to grow old, big deal!
It's what everyone thinks most of the time, with you,
it's just never been prominent!

But I have grown old, have wrinkles, and I walk so slow
My body responds in peculiar manner, and
the creek of my joints echo till Glasgow!
She cried out,
I may never live long enough to see, what my grandchildren
and the whole world will come to be!
My skin sags low, my teeth will soon fall
I will have the voice of baby and just might turn into a wailing wall!
But most importantly, the most important of them all,
I have grown to love life, how will I prepare to die?

Her soul laughed and said to her gently, your fears are all real
dear Yulie,
You will have wrinkles and you will walk slow, and your joints might echo
till dear old Glasgow,
but it is not all bad, so you needn't be sad, for you will find all around you,
people following the fad.
They'll all age slow, they'll all age ripe, they'll all try to hit back something
they can't fight.
Your skin will sag low, and you teeth will soon fall,
but remember, that you will have someone to stand by you through it all,
A husband you married, who you found so alluring,
now will be your support, and trust us, we're assuring
you of a discovery of true love that stands the test of time,
and everything else in the world will not be worth a dime.
And you said that you love to live, and you fear to die,
but have you forgotten, dear Yulie, that death is the essence of life?
A chapter complete, the full stop of a sentence,
would you live a life resembling a dreamhouse without a fence?

So dear Lady Yulie, heard it full,
nodded her hand and picked up the Shetland wool
that she once held in her hands, knitting with love,
a sock for her grandchild, while her husband put on his suede slove
I"m going out I will return soon," he said "I love you dear Yulie, "
he said in his signature tune.
She stood up and kissed him with all heart
he was her witty old man again. And thus,
at old lady Yulie, smiled the stars above.

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