Sunday, February 13, 2011

Forgotten Muse.

She waited for him to turn,
and mixed with the silent darkness in the hopes
of finding solace in confrontation.
He never turned as his eyes
were busy encompassing the beauty of another
who stood in front of him- the halo around her elegant light
engorging his pupil as he swallowed the ethereal dominion.
She was another obsession, the craze
that his mad vision screamed from his brain to his femurs,
lighting every pore within him,
"PAINT HER!" Shouted the voices within.
But the artist knew his job
He devored, and then came the grand feast.
The waste could be collected by those disposed,
welcoming the present to their silent abode of shame.
The one in the corner gazed
with disbelief, betrayal- feelings already once encountered
as she saw thus scene.
Her 'lids swimming in the threatening waters
of human emotion that blurred her sight,
shook her strength.

"Stay strong, for he will look,"
so chided she to the being that saw through her eyes,
"And he shall see, what he has done."

She waits,
hoping against all hopes, that he shall feel
the pain too.
It was to be a long night.

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