Thursday, February 3, 2011

Beauty says who?

Oh she looks Venus to you,
you'd catch the stars for her,
so her face portrays stunning brilliance in stills,
so you'd catch the stars for her but little
do you realize where beauty really lies, and it' not you,
the whole world it is it seems,
who tries to ignore the bad and stares
in delight at the crystal sheen.

Why oh why? Do you
find that so enthralling? Why, I ask
Why do you pray for her lust?
Did you hear the words that fell out of her mouth?
Oh! you did hear, you say.
Then why? why do you pray for her lust?

The devil herself reincarnated in a goddess and you,
you mortal cannot refrain from aching to fall
right into her trap. Thus, she laughs
as you still cannot see, the other half of her.

Where do the eyes of your soul lie
if you do not differ from the wrong the right selling
your love off to a parallel world that she governs.
Broken hearts, fake promises, disgusting existences,
and finally shattering heartbreaks rain in this world of hers,
but yet, you mortal- the new resident, you cannot see.
and you cower at my truth and cry out to say
"So brilliant in stills she is! I have fallen for her, 'tis LOVE!"
You cry, "'Tis BEAUTY!"
Beauty says who?
I demand and then I remember,
beauty says the world, beauty says you.

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