Sunday, January 23, 2011

Through those eyes.

"Love, love, love..." their voices rang to the ceiling of the room.

His body flowed with the delicate movement of his fingers on the piano as he gracefully played the notes. To everybody's eyes, he was too preoccupied creating the love of music around them.
But she saw him looking at her, a split second peek- and then gone.
He delved back into the soft symphony.

As they all launched into the harmony, he stole a peek at her again. She sang the soprano softly, her attention wavering..
Against all odds, their eyes met for the briefest time possible. It was just one quick glance, but the world seemed to rest the power of eternity on that moment.

And he looked away again, so did she.
Through the window filtered the daylight, and everywhere around them was music.
She felt it, so did he. But where was the time to care?

He stood pretending to bend over his music sheet as she chattered with her friends.
They were all telling about themselves, the spark of new found friendship in their eyes. They took turns, one by one and as they spoke, the notes he played increased in volume.

And then it was her turn to tell, and his fingers had slowed down to a barely audible level. He was listening.
She spoke about herself, all that she could tell in the socially acceptable time limit.
She knew he had heard it all, but where was the time to care?

He joked with his friends, too loudly. Ignoring her eyes as she observed him. He was too busy pleasing the world during that minute. There was a twinge inside of him, but he didn't know what it was.
So he ignored it, and didn't care.

In the huge playground, it seemed like colors splattered in the canvas of life rendering a picturesque background to the world around. And there were people- everywhere- walking in every possible direction, too busy with their lives. There was so much noise, so much of music, so much of life everywhere.

And in between all of that, as he walked around the huge field, she saw him suddenly. And looked on only to find him glance in her direction all of a sudden. He quickly turned his back to her and she pretended like she had never seen him.

But a second later, as he dragged his friends towards her table, she waited for him to come closer, knowing that this was going to be the last time. She felt his presence nearing.

Though he never looked up to meet her glance, nor did she to meet his.
All of it had happened, they knew it. but where was the time to care?

And it all slipped away as smoothly as the surface of silk on soft skin.
And fate sat down, to rewrite their stories.


AS said...

so true sounding and real. Made me remember my college days.

Charu said...

Beautifully written and enjoyable to read :)

Vanita said...

woah!! beautiful!:)

Remya said...

@AS: I hope the remembrance was in the "good" context. ;)

@Charu: Thank you :)

@Vantaaaaaaaaaaa: Oiiiiii, you freakin made it to my blog =D

Thousif Raza said...

i loved the last line... so beautiful... it made me all emotional, the starting paragraph is so brilliant, that i'm amazed at it... i love it so so much remya, beautiful work.. amazing... the start is like something else, the word flow, its unlike anything i've red read and felt while reading, i looooooooooooove that starting paragraph... so so so beautiful :)

take care and keep writing...

P.S: my post got selected for spicy Saturday pickup, first time, hope to see u there :)

Remya said...

@Thousif: Wow, your adjectives stun me :P
And oiiiiiiiiiii! Im SO glad for you! Great to know your post got selected! You completely deserve it, bro!
And I'm SO going to catch that :)
Take good care :)

No Guts No Glory said...

Wow! Its so.. awfully sweet Remya! :)

Remya said...

True feelings tumble out, harsheen ;)