Friday, December 17, 2010

Santa says what?

I asked dad if I can steal his stockings for christmas.
He said he hasn't got any.
Then, I went to mum.
She told me that she'll steal mine instead.
How nice.

Had my keyboard class early in the morn at 7.
GOD! You should've seen the face of EVERYONE there.. It was BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
We all came half-clothed, half stinking, dripping with sleep. While I kept on shouting in the ear of everyone alive in the room that I was the first one to arrive (The keyboard class happens at my place)
And while I kept on alternating with lines that went, "Hey Arun! Shave Shave! Be brave!" and burst into peeling laughter with Rohan, Shree, and Anky at one side- My father officially deemed me as mentally imbalanced.
Then we all tried to figure out the notations with screwed eyes, stifled yawns, and a teacher who was visibly upset over his cold coffee. Then we all looked at each other- glanced. One more time and burst laughing.
While they were all leaving, I complained about my weird brush. I asked them all to get me a new one for Christmas. Rohan said he'll give me his. I told him that he can take my maid's toothbrush as a substitution-
Yes. I happen to hide my maid's toothbrush at times. For some weird reason, she carries it around in her bag.

Then I studied for my law class, slept, studied, Attended law class, went back to sleeping, then chewed on carrots.
Chewing carrots can be fun. I chew carrots all the time.

Carrot is a funny name. I mean, why would you name name anyone, ANYTHING "carrot"?
I wanna be named Carrot.

According to a facebook app, Nilanjana will kill me in 2018. How mean.

CURRENTLY PLAYING- Bittersweet Symphony by Verve. Replayed- 19 times so far.

Goo'night. :)


Priyanka Banerjee said...

Haha :P
Law? Piano? Too much work for a holiday if you ask me :@
Carrot. Carrot. That is strange, yes.

Remya said...

Trust me, usually I am not THAT random.. Just occasional madness. ;)
Nice for you to drop here :)

Priyanka Banerjee said...

I have absolutely no problem with the sort madness you're referring to. Occasional, or permanent :P

Charu said...

Allow me a little celebration here.

I finally commented on every one of your posts that I hadn't commented lately.

*does a little victory dance*

I almost think I deserve an award. Yay!

And this post? Good. Don't know if there's method to the madness, but whatever. Still good to read.

Cheers. Check on my blog soon.

nil said...

Lol I always had a feeling that teri maut mere haatho likhi hai..... :D

The Bald Guy said...

In the midst of an important meeting at work on a Saturday afternoon already half asleep I read this and burst out laughing...

Everyone is staring at me Remya. I am going to kill you sooner than 2018!

Remya said...

@Priyanka: Hahaaaaah. I like you. You're evil :P

I KNOW! I got the notifications!
Yes you do! I declare you Santa's Weird Child who commented on Remya's Posts!
Wow. That's too long.
Lets keep it SWCWCRP. :P

@Bongo: LAWL... Pata tha! pata tha!

@Tbeeeeeej: Hehe.. about killing me before 2018? Wow..tbeej, it's a long line.. You'll have to wait in the queue.
Just buy me a lollipop for advancing faster! ^_^

Charu said...

haha, cool name.
But really, took ages going to each of yours and Nil's posts and commenting on each.
Thanks for the SWCWCRP. I'll, ahem, cherish it forever.


On a more serious note, hope you survive till 2018.