Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fiction55: Murdered Ties

She stood in a corner, afraid to laugh, afraid to smile.
Afraid to talk, express; afraid to exist- altogether.

And he just laughed in pure mockery. Spite spinning out of every breath of laughter.
It was him, so she smiled the pain away.

May the world curse every brother who makes a sister feel like that in her silent loneliness.


Thousif Raza said...

little dark... love... looooooooove how u've written it... its like ur making the words dance to ur tune... i could see a different rhythm all together... looooved it... :)

Remya said...

Hmm.. Good that you liked it.
Because it was kind of funny when someone told me that the story sounds like an Incest tale.
*rolling my eyes*

But thanks again, man :)

Charu said...

Dark, certainly. But it makes me curious to know the context.