Friday, November 12, 2010

Legacy of a Superman.

You know how when you were a kid, you believed that everything that happens in the world is not your concern?

How you believed that nothing bad could ever happen to you because your parents are the best in the whole world?

And when you were a little girl, you believed that your dad is the strongest of all. You handed him your tiny schoolbag which seemed so heavy at that time, but you gave it to him anyway because you knew he was strong. At Diwali, you held out the oh-so-heavy lights in your tiny arms so that he could put 'em up in the balcony. At the airport, you would run to dad while the bags arrives pompously on the conveyor belt and he gave you the smallest one and picked the heaviest for himself..You believed he's invincible and that he could beat Superman at his own game too.

But there comes a time when you see him trip, you notice his frail arms, when you see him coughing uncontrollably, you see all those piles of pills lying somewhere hidden inside his cupboard- and you wince as you see him taking at least a dozen of them everyday...

There comes a time when you hold his hand to realize just how thin he has grown, he no longer can climb up that tree or dig up a hole just for your silly little child game that you had once enjoyed. At the airport, you're the one who holds the heaviest bag and still take him by the hand, and guide him to the arrival lounge.

The role is reversed. You're no longer Daddy's special little girl but another ordinary woman who has to take care of her ailing father.

But then, comes a striking realization. Maybe he's no longer got those muscles that awed you, maybe his feats no longer amaze you, maybe you've seen too much to be surprised at his little tricks that are carried out to impress you.

But- he was, is and always will be your special Superman.

And maybe you're no longer daddy's special little girl, but now, your father has passed his legacy onto you and made you his Superwoman. And the cycle continues with your own child.

Life's tough, give it your all.




Thousif Raza said...

its beautiful... blunt straight and so artistically written love it... superb words great great thought :)... i luv'd it :)

take care and keep writing............

FranticalMe said...

You're one helluva'n expressive bitch you know!
Write, write, write :P

No Guts No Glory said...

Natural, touching and splendid I'd say..

nil said...

Damn Raj.. Damn. This was beautiful:)

And the blog layout- you got it right- so YOU.

Anonymous said...

Remya, after what seems like ages, I really really had a moist eye while I read something. More power to you girl.

Remya said...

@Thousif: Thank you! :)

@Franticality: yeah idiot..stop saying it in such a fanatic manner!

@NoGutsNoGlory: Thank you :)

@Bongz: You dropped in! :P
Yeah I knowww...I love the layout! :D

@Tbeej: You came! You came! The one who disappeared off blogger came back! By the way..I love your new blog :)

Thanks for dropping by y'all..Take care :)

Charu said...

Liked it. Very honest and easy to relate to.