Monday, October 11, 2010

Justice of the World.

There were unyielding charges,
and the greyhounds of black,
whispered to their owners in satanic glee,
portending something inevitable- and the first of its kind.
Amidst this gloom, stood the Lady with the scales,
balancing in all her blind faith.

The court was a mess, and the shouts were torrential,
There was no advocate for the defendant,
and the Devil stood as the prosecutor.

Something was amiss,
"Ahoy!" shouted the world, the witness to this case,
"Bring Him to justice, we say!
Amen to Life, But we spit upon It too!
Because all that happens to the bad ones is good
and all that bad happens, only to the good.
Were Thee fair? Is all we ask!"

"Calm , Quiet, Peace!" shouted he, the Judge mediating this fateful day,
"Let him speak! Let him have his say!"
He said so, pointing to the accused who was present.
The defendant showed no guilt, yet composure shivered with emotions,
He protested His innocence, defended His existence and spoke out,
"You should all thank me! Yes, all of you!
for the dark blue of the ocean,
for the fragrance of the rain-driven dust,
for the chatter of a little one,
for the power to think, All of which, I have gifted to you!"

"True that!" Lashed the Devil's advocate,
"My client bows upon thy miracles,
and that is what, renders Thee here,
amongst this pandemonium,"

"Let us speak!" shouted the world again,
"Let us make Him realize his crime.
He let us see the dark blue of the ocean,
but there lies Justice unseen, always, most of the time.
We smell the dew, but can you taste sadness?
We hear the child chatter, but where is the power to erase her fears?

Thou let us live, but forgot,
forgot that we're mere mortals and we,
rarely forgive, never forget.

Thou let us live, but forgot,
that we have no directions,
and we're only mortals,
Thou make us struggle every second.
Where is, then, the aforementioned 'beauty' of life?

How do we live?
How do we love?
How do we speak and survive?
Thou forgot to tell, and forced us to live all this time."

And He, the great, bent His head in sorrow,
as He realized that his creation did not appreciate its birth,
that His favorite muse, found a flaw in His masterpiece,
that His painting loathed all the colors that He painted it with.
He realized that the world had never really learnt to live.

Interrupting His thoughts, Shouted the world,
"Speak Up!" They urged.
The devil in black, adored the scene,
sensing his win, his dark face lit with glee.
And then, the defendant fell, His knees buckled.
The world crashed.
Justice was served, the guilty punished,
and the audience cheered in their evil glory.
Now who? Who will quieten this bedlam?
The Devil smiled.


nil said...

Was waiting for you to publish this one.
Heard this one before, even better once I read it.

Done it again, Raj.

Anonymous said...



Thousif Raza said...

i loved the verse.... its so real and so strong.... i loved this line especially "that His painting loathed all the colors that He painted it with."
ah... its so good it hurts...:) i looooved that line... what thoughts remya :)

loved it to the core :)

take care and keep writing........

Anonymous said...

Paradise Lost. Subject on my mind. Beautifully done. Hats off!

Monica said...

im commentingf for the first tym remya !! :D
good one yaar ...proud of ya !:)

agree wid nil..done it again!!


Remya said...

@Nil: Thanks babe, I love yeh, man. You know that right? ;)

@Mia: OhMiGod! You caaame! I'm SO glad...Whatsup with your currently dormant blog btw? I used to like it! :\

@Thousif:You, dude, are a blessing for a writer.:)

@Anonymous: Hey, thanks for dropping in..And yeah :)
Im glad you liked the post!

@Monicaaaaaaaaaaaah! : *hoots*
YOU, woman! Finally visited my blog! :)
Thanks for the appreciation, my prett-ay girlfriend! =D