Tuesday, August 3, 2010

You were saying something?

I could tell you to be practical.

But instead, I say pragmatic.

I could tell you that I'm going to sleep.

But instead, I chose, "Hey listen, I'm gonna crash to bed now."

I could tell you everything in simple words..but I decide to complicate and complicate it further- again and again. Just like any other normal human being.

Instead of contradictions I say paradoxes. Instead of violence, I speak of belligerence.

I'm not random, I'm vague.

This has been one thread of thought lying undiscussed in my mind for so long. A tenth-grader I know, chooses to use the most twisted words that he can chance upon. There are times when he doesn't even know what he's speaking about..There have been instances when he actually gave out the wrong message..Yet, he flaunts it.

(He stopped doing that infront of me when I gave him a nice one about how it isn't exactly wise to do so before people who know the language well.)

Don't get me wrong, he's a nice fellow. Infact, in my head, in another twenty years, I see him as a highly proficient speaker who can converse for hours in the Thesauran English. It is good. Atleast he tries.

But all I want to say is that sometimes, simple is the best.

We humans complicate everything else anyway- our actions, our world, our life...Let's leave our words out of this.

'Coz after all Simple is the best language in which you can express what you really feel.

So well, be simple, stay simple.

And on that simple note, I sign off.


Remya :)


HaRy!! said...

candid and a simple say is all it matters.... wat say yu?:)!

The Bald Guy said...

*scratching head*


The Me. said...

I've quite enjoyed reading these last few posts of yours!

Remya said...

@Harry: Yoo..you got me bro! ;D

@Tbeej: Don't scratch your head too much...or else your hair might start growing back :P

@The Me: Haha..thank you :)...Insanely enough, I seem to be in a blogging roll these days!

Charu said...

As another post on insight into humans, loved it :) As another one who agrees with me, loved it even more :D

Simple enough?

Great post *big grin*

Remya said...

@Charu: *Gives an evil laugh*
I like you.