Monday, August 30, 2010

Splash of Innocence.

Simki was a piece of their heart, they said, when they took her away. But didn't they think of that when they sold her?

Simki was their possession, so her owners said. But will that ever justify those burn marks that scar her arms?

Simki was a child, the world said. But they cursed her, beat her, forced her to do their dirty work and nearly killed her every single day.

Simki was a girl too. His eyes, his sickening eyes feasted on her child-like limbs. Oh! the cursed world. Why didn't they stop him? Why didn't they stop him from taking away her innocence? Wasn't she just nine? Didn't that matter?

Simki was a barren land with beauty of a human within, yet, she cried every night. She owned nothing. Not even herself.

A while back, as she skipped amongst the trees- her face haggard, matured by time. She discovered a small coin on the ground. As her tiny hands picked it up, the world was lighted again.
Her joy knew no bounds, her happiness fluttered in the spring morning.
It was her discovery, her possession.

Her mute mouth let out a shout that nobody could understand. But her heart spoke out. Finally.

Yes, she was Simki. And she was just a child.


nil said...

I remember when you had called me up and you read this out to me.
I loved it that day,
but today I have a lump in my throat as I read it again.

Splatters Of Ink said...

There's a stone in the pit of my stomach!

The Bald Guy said...

You might want to change the girl's name or Simki might sue you.

That said, this is wonderful. I love this text. Sharing it.

Thousif Raza said...

thought provoking... immensly good remya.... great.... stands up strong on its own.... so smalll but so very fantastic.... :)

great one :)

take care and keep writing.........

P.S: where my poem? :P and my songs for that metter :P :P

Charu said...

Very Beautiful. One of your best works I think. Very...well, thought-provoking isn't enough. But I hope you get what I mean. I really like this. Period.

Charu said...

Oh, and hi Thousif! You and Remya need to drop by my blog sometime.


Remya said...

@Nil: And as sad as it sounds, that is the exact reaction I was hoping for.. ;D

@Splatters of Ink: Wow..I didn't know that something I scribbled so casually could do that to a peson.. :)
Thanks fr dropping in.
Take care :)

@Tbeej: Haha..I knowww..But Simki doesn't even know about my blog. So I'm safe xD
And I'm so glad you liked it. :))

@Thousif: Aww..Thank you!..And yeah..It's been days since I've even checked my mail..On my way now ;D

@Charu:Best works? Wow.. thanks you ;)
And yes, I'll dropping by ur blog pretty soon..

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written!