Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dedicated to every mother, who has lost a little one.

Sleep, my baby,
As I hold you in my hands,
and your cheeks wet from my teardrops,
Sleep, I whisper to you.
Do you sense my pain, in your new world?
Can you feel my hurt?

Sleep, my darling,
As they try to take you away from me,
But I can't let you go.
I can't let you go,
You've been inside of me for so long,
for so many months.
How can I let you leave,
Stay, I beg of you.

How did this come to be?
For a second, I though I had you in this world,
For a second I thought you would be the one
who would call me Mama,
who I would scold,
who I would love selflessly
Whose tears I would wipe
whose pain I would feel.
And then you slipped away,
Why, my darling?
Don't you love Mama anymore?

Sleep, sleep my beautiful,
You were my first,
you'll be the only my heart loves till its end,
Though I never heard your cry,
I never heard your laugh,
And I would never hear your childish voice,
Yet you would be the one I hear everyday.

As they try to steal you away,
I will kiss you one last time,
within these white walls,
draped in this green robe,
sweating with pain.
As your father takes a look at you for one last time,
I will hug you with all my soul.
Sleep, my little, sleep,
I won't ask you to open your eyes.

My first child, my heart,
Sleep, sleep, as Mama slowly breaks apart.

Signing off,


Pranali said...

that was so good!!
so damn good!!

The posts since your b'day post have been really good..!!

Now pls donot disappear like last time!! It got me worried... You didnt even reply me on your msg board!!

Neways, how's school??

Shivangi Sud said...

The very idea.. has me speechless.

nil said...


Remya said...

@Pranu: Haha...yep..As I'd replied to one of my earlier posts...I'm on a blog roll ;D
Whoa!..When?? I dint reply to ur msg?..Thts kinda impossible...wait I'm onto ur blog ryt nw!

@Shivangi: Heyy...Nice to find you lurking around here ;)
Thank You..You're very kind ;)

@Bongs: I know that tone.

The Bald Guy said...

Whoa. What happened here?

Remya said...

@Tbeej: Mom loses kid...Bt I hav a feeling tht this isn't the answer to ur question..
Well, the actual answer?..A lot of thinking happened here.. :)

The Bald Guy said...


Thousif Raza said...

that's beautiful.... loved it :)... great work :)

take care and keep writing.........