Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Return of the Prodigal Son

Something I scribbled sometime in July at the back of my Pol Science register...


He returns,
the black kin.
The same smirk, the mop of hair- careless on his forehead.
His free air, his guarded smile, the curious eyes.
He hasn't changed, nay he hasn't.

They called him blackguard,
his spirit of life repulsed them,
The lazy king, the Adonis among them.
For them, his life was easy
like the breath.
For him, everyday was a struggle,
like the breath.
Hail his return!,
the pure heart, the adored son,
the Jack of all trades and King of all but one.
He could never rule over them.

His haggard face shows the misery of the past years,
they never bother to question it.
His heart still holds love for them all,
they aren't propelled to feel it.
The rebel, the one with the innumerable childhood sweethearts,
the one who was never static,
here he comes!

He quietly comes, places a kiss for his parents,
he walks into the room which they never bothered to change.
And he closes the door.

Aye, he is still the same,
the one who never bothered to express,
the one who kept it all to himself,
the misunderstood caterpillar,
the strong-headed man,
Hail! he's here! he's the one.
Hail the return of the prodigal son.


prajyot said...

Nice Post.... :-)

Thousif Raza said...

nice.... great writing.... :)

and why arent you at my blog haan... bhul gai mere ko? :)

take care and keep writing....

Remya said...

@Prajyot: Thank you.. :)

@Thousif: Oh shuddup!..I chek ur blog every freakin alternate day! :P