Monday, August 23, 2010

p.s.1. It's 2: 00 a.m., I need sleep.
P.S.2. It's Onam tomorrow! :D
p.s.3. My hair is greasy.
ps.4. My annoying sister is back home. :\ But she got me nice clothes. Now, I'll tolerate her.
p.s.5. Nilanjana does't love me anymore.
p.s.6. I cannot come up with ANY good song these days.
p.s.7. My parents threw an awesome shit dinner party today. Me likes them!
ps.8.I finally finished with my Pol Sc. paper on 42nd amendment act and Kesavananda Case.
p.s.9. I need some alcohol. Majorly.
p.s.10. Mosquitoes are biting my skin off. Bastards. xD
p.s.11. I feel Thousif is going damnnnn good in the poetic sector ;D
p.s.12. I, alongwith my sister, plan to hijack Dad's car for a few days. *MUWAHAHAHAHAHAH*
p.s.13. Anish and I are planning to run off to Greece where he'll kill me eventually and I will poison his food before I die.
p.s.14. I want Lalith's Jokes!!! :
But. The tall bitch is sleeping. *wails*
*thinks of calling him again*
p.s.15. I finally hit the high notes of Breaking Free
p.s.16. Srimanta is a sleeping beauty- he's like the prettiest princess when he's sleeping...Maybe I'll post a picture of him sleeping in my next post.
p.s.17.I find piglets TOOOOO cute, I saw one, the other day- a tiny 2 ft thing peeking out from its mother's behind. :P
p.s.19. I'm thinking of blowing bubbles at a lion (Mind itt! Not even a lionness) who's apparently named Pinky. Holley Jejus! :P
p.s.20. I wanna act silly and I'm watching Inception again and again and again and again.....



Charu said...




Talk about converting random thought processes into words :P

The Bald Guy said...

*Reads the post*

*Reads the post again*

*Turns around*

"Mommy, she's cute, can we keep her please?

nil said...

^Hahahahahhahaha! Lol Tbg! I love your comments!

I love you.

Ok. So. Las Vegas tickets are expensive,baby, please try and understand.
We'll go have chaat from the corner waala thela, okay?


And LOL at the post. Srimanta- sleeping beauty-- bwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

HaRy!! said...

p.s21 .... i wrote comments for the live RSS feed yu gave us:)

Thousif Raza said...

was the cutest p.s post i ever read.. cute and funnt thank you for making my day again.... :)

take care and keep writing........

Pesto Sauce said...

I too read Pol Sc and same bull shit eons back. And I too wanted alcohol that time, making up now

Remya said...

@Charu: Bleh! :P


@Nil: Ew.
Stop blowing me kisses on my comment section. *yucks*

Remya said...

@Hary: Haha...:)

@Thousif:'re most most welcome bro! :)
Take good care :))

Therefore, yuo understand my plight.

nil said...


Remya said...

I don't like you anymore, Bongo.

nil said...

It's the denial of the LOWE in you for me, honey xD

The Heretic Teen said...

nice post. Had fun reading... :)
waiting for more <3

Remya said...

@Nil: You're sooo gay. It's not even funny.

@The Heretic Teen: Heyy :)
Welcome to the blogg ;D Thanks a ton..I was just on my way to your blog. Meetcha there :)