Saturday, July 31, 2010


There is nothing ever wrong with being wrong. It's just the thinking of a hypocritical society that drives you to accept this notion.

Imperfection is the driving force, the reason why you still get up, every single day thinking that you have to achieve, that you have to be better, that you have to gain something or rarely in fact, that you have got to live coz you still haven't lived it perfectly.

You're not the most talented person in the world? Face it. There are more than 6 billion out there.

You don't speak much in front of people? That's alright.

You don't look like an offspring of Miranda Kerr? That's alright too.

You're not a leader- not everyone is.

You don't make good decisions? Time to make some...time to play fluke with some too.

I love being imperfect. And trust me, you'll love it too. When you accept that what you are isn't anything bad. When you accept that the school of life has some occasional recesses- and that you just got to play when their time comes.When you accept that you have to learn- at every step, at every moment. But either ways, you'll still be imperfect. Coz there's always something that you have left out- and that is just what makes you feature at the top of Remya's Perfect List.


People always are.. :)




The Me. said...

Glad someone appreciates imperfection too =p The perfection of perfection lies in its imperfection.

Anonymous said...

Strongly agree!


The Bald Guy said...

This coming from someone just about half my age is surprising. Thanks for sharing this. You have some wonderful thoughts Remya. Very thoughtful and very precise.

Thanks! Sharing this.

Harini said...

And you are just 16 :O!


I completely agree.

nil said...

I am so retardedly imperfect, and face it, that's why you have the hots for me.

See you on the wedding night, sugar


Lol, kidding.
beautiful post babe. :)

P.s- it would be nice if you dragged your rear to my blog once in a while.

Charu said...

Loved the post. Just loved it. Can't exactly describe what I think about it, but agreed with every point and just loved it. Very good post :)

(By the way, it was the perfect pick me up after spending an hour and a half trying to study statistics with the director in my head :P)

Remya said...

@The Me: Haha!..Yeah I know right!..You're my imperfection buddy :P..And there was something really beautiful about ur last line...

@Mia: Wow, I'm glad :)..Thanks fr droppng by... ;D

@Tbeej: Ramit,the drab mood I had a few hours back, it just vanished! :D

@Harini: Hahaha...Yeah! I'm just 16! O_o.. :P
Thanks you fr dropping by :)

@Nil: Dude! Our marriage was a secret! :P
Yep..I was on your blog..but commenting on ur blog makes no sense coz i can tell my views to u in person too!

@Charu: Charuuuu... :)
Director in ur head?
Wow. that's worse than a zombie in thehead :P
Hahaha...I'm glad you agreed!