Saturday, June 26, 2010

To my son, with love; Dad.

I waited outside his school to watch his smile, to get his hug for one last time, to make him remember that I existed.

He came out, slung his bag, my son. The mirror reflection of me. He turned to smile at her- and he saw me. But he never cared because I, was just another stranger- in his world. I was just someone who didn't matter. His laughter echoed in the park as she handed him a cellphone- a new one, shiny. Something that reflected me in the distance- a disappointed me.

And again, for the 10th time in my life , I went back clutching the small packet of miniature car that I made for him. I walked slowly because I was tired- of life, of disappointments, of worries. Because the one thing I lived for, didn't want me.

"Hey Ray! Gave Sean the car you made for him?" Mr.Carson shouted from the neighborhood. I shook my head.

My throat burnt with the tears that I held back and I hobbled, , to the same place that I returned to every 2nd of july. I opened the cardboard and out fell dozens of cars- tiny miniature cars. At the end of which lay a card that said, "Happy Birthday,To my son, with love; Dad."

This is a true incident that happened in the life of someone that I met during online chatting. Hey Sean, I hope you realize that your father is as much important to your life as your mother.


The Bald Guy said...

Tragic. My heart goes out to the poor father.

Did the father do anything to initiate this incident and it's occurrence?

But then, we're no one to judge other people.

God bless them.

And welcome back! We missed you!

Charu said...

Very emotional. And you've expressed it beautifully. I especially liked "Something that reflected me in the distance- a disappointed me."

Certainly join you in hoping Sean realises what's happening.