Monday, June 28, 2010

It's my day. And it's my sixteenth.

Well, today I turn 16.
And I have to admit...I have never begun a birthday with so much laughter.

Be it when Suraj called me up from New Zealand saying that it's 28th June 12:00a.m. there when technically it was just 5:30 here, when he kept on singing the happy birthday song again and again- just happy to finally know the fact that the name of his chat friend of 1-year is Remya.
I laughed because of Nilanjana and our special birthday song.
I laughed when Megha defiantly started screaming happy birthday to me and Nilanjana kept on shouting her down saying that it isn't 12:00 yet.

I laughed when my chuddy buddy called up and said, "Wow, you're finally 16 kiddo."
And at this I have to reply to him, "Lalith, you're no big shit but just 6 months older to me. So stop calling me a kid!" :P

I laughed when my cousins chorused happy birthday amongst chattering that was so loud that I would've burst an ear drum.
I laughed because Ramit thought that my birthday was on 27th and wrote "Happy Birthday" on my wall and then gave me a grinning face when he got to know the truth..

I laughed when Shreyansha and all her cousins who didn't even know me...excused themselves from an interesting game of Tambola just to sing a highly tuned Happy Birthday song for me..
I laughed at my foolish fear that people won't remember special day.
I smiled when I saw that 8 people were on hold on my phone simultaneously..
I smiled when I got dozens of messages wishing me a great year...
I smile when I think of all the wishes that I am going to get throughout the day...
And in my little world, those few wishes are all that I need to keep me going through the year..
And I could never be thankful enough for being me than I am right now...

So happy 16th to me.
And God Bless you All.


Charu said...
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Charu said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! time 10 times 10 times 10 :D

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day. And wish you best of luck for the year ahead!

And again, Happy Birthday!

The Bald Guy said...

Happy Birthday little guy! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead!

God Bless you! :-)

nil said...

babe that was SO amazing man. It surely is one of my FAVORITE posts of your blog. All time fav!

Happy birthday once again, babe.
You know I love you, as gay as it sounds. xD

Have a sexy year ahead!!!
And we shall keep retarding away to glory- as you put it :")

Much love,

nil said...

And dude your template makes me hungry :|

Pranali said...

happy belated b'day!!!

Remya said...

@Charu: Thaaanks Charu!!
Awhh!!..I cant explain how much I've been missing my blog!

@Tbeej: Heyy! Good news...You wished me the first... :P

Yes, it sounded gay. :P
But guess what? This is gonna sound more gay; "Mwah!"
Lol...and no, I wouldn't have done that in real life :/

@Pranuuuu! : God you know what?...I missed you. I did. I swear :DDDD
And no, it's not belated..It's on 28th itself :))

lalith said...

i am probably the last person who made you laugh on yo birthday! :D and i was one of the first one's too :D

Remya said...

Haha..Yes, lalith, you were. :P

Pranali said...

SO, remya's into her sweet 16... I remember my sweet 16... I was all occupied in JEE studies!!

nil said...

I'm dying.
School tomorrow.
Tell me how to convince my mom by saying that dropping out isn't that big of a deal.


Remya said...

I guess I should be thankful that I have a pretty easy life ;D

@Nilanjana: Bozo, we've had this conversation before. I.e, if u manage to convince yours, just call me, I'll hand the phone to my mom and you can work your magic there too :P

raven said...

hey remya,new to your blog.
belated happy birthday to you and celebrate now you can dirive,YEY!!
oh..wait!you have to be 18 to do that;)
Have a beautiful year ahead.

Remya said...

@Raven: Hey hey hey!...Ain't this the awesome guest post writer from Pranali's blog? *winks*
Thanks Raven,,,that's so sweet of u to wish me...AND YES, UR RIGHT..TWO MORE YEARS FOR 18 ;D

And thanks fr the wishes :)
Take good care, meet you at your blog.

sulagna ™ said...

haiyaa!!!! i know i am late but so what..just step out a little, look into the mirror , pout your lips a little(zyada nahiu, jus a little) flick your hair and there..tahst it..thats what i want to wish for a pretty q6 year old girl..lots of style,lots of crazyness, a pinch of retardedness, thoda sa sexyness( oho dont laugh now) and tonnes of happiness..

Belated happy birthday Remya Raj Nil being the nightingale she is has sung so much abt you tat its high time i added my own tune..

Nikita Mathur said...

Hey Remya.. dropped at ur blog frm Pranali's blog n came 2 knw that ur bday was on 28th june.. Belated Happy Bday.. Mine was on 27th June.. but m 10 years older than u :(
But u hav rchd de Golden Age.. Always b SWEET 16.. CHEERS !!!