Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pranali's Tag: 50 Random stuff about me.

I missed y'all :P
So the latest?I got quite a few tags the past month. The most recent being Pranali's. And it was much easier..not the question/ answers thingie..So I'm gonna do it. Seems like fun :)
Okay, so here goes;


1.I'm the best.
2. I'm the best.
3. I'm the bes- Oh wait..Did I say that before?
Kidding.. :D

  1. I'm a malayali and I have no idea how to read or write the language..I can speak respectable malayalam though. :)
  2. I love my family but they piss me off anyway. :D
  3. I have a soft corner for Russian Literature and Russian history fascinates me.
  4. I want to be a politician.
  5. I get bored of people very easily.
  6. I want to learn as much as I can...take up random courses..grab any knowledge that comes my way.
  7. I crave maggi when it's not around me..but then get disgusted when I start eating it.
  8. I really adore Kurt Cobain. Really Really Really adore Kurt Cobain.
  9. I learnt the commendable art of sneaking and reading people's personal diaries by the age of 8. Sorry, dear sister :P
  10. I don't like guys, boy talk, relationships...they're absolutely boring.
  11. And no, I'm not homosexual. :D
  12. I love love love travelling. But alone.
  13. I want to visit Scotland before I die.
  14. I like to think that I'm singing in a concert whenever I start singing.
  15. I love being anonymous and making chat friends on yahoo...and love making them guess my age. Epic being--a guy saying that I seemed like an Armenian. LOL..really?
  16. My mouth waters every time I think of burgers :)
  17. I don't like long hair...I wanna chop my locks every time they reach my shoulders.
  18. I'm really moody.
  19. Procrastination is my second name.
  20. I suck at keeping promises to myself.
  21. I like being random on the phone whenever my sister calls..asking her "Who she is" at least a dozen times in a minute.
  22. I can eat anything except mushrooms.(I am allergic to mushrooms). and the best way to kill me is by feeding me mushrooms. ;-D
  23. I hate corn.
  24. My dreams tell me what I'm scared of.
  25. So far, I'm not aware of any phobia that I have.
  26. I don't like Angelina Jolie and I actually cried while watching Phoonk because I couldn't believe anything more sucky could ever be invented.
  27. I laughed hysterically at the spider-scene in The Exorcist..even though I gave spooky looks to my sister occasionally to freak her out.
  28. I want to find work before I turn 17.(And no- Please DO NOT suggest Call centres. You'll be insulting me.)
  29. I have a few regrets and have decided 2010 is the year to get rid of them.
  30. Wow...Now I really cannot find anything to write about myself.
  31. I love to debate..especially with egoistic chauvinistic losers.
  32. I want to adopt by 30.
  33. I just realized that I don't like using so many I's in a paragraph.
  34. My aim is to become a politician but my dream is to become a musician. If you're sensible, you'll figure out the difference.
  35. I ignore calls from my friends when I'm not in the mood then make excuses. :D
  36. I'm a bitch to people who try to act oversmart with me.
  37. I wish I could paint..but I'm thoroughly untalented in that arena...though I was quite good at sketching.
  38. I'm an attention-seeking porcupine.
  39. I love long walks.
  40. I don't like summers and adore winter.
  41. I practice tone-modulating by singing to Kelly Clarkson, Evanescence, Linking Park, Nirvana and Beyonce everyday atleast 2 hours.
  42. I like to keep up with the latest news...whether Politics, Sports, Hollywood or Bollywood for that matter..,But I have to admit, I suck at fashion.
  43. I owe my love of photography to Nilanjana.
  44. I'm the controversy kid and can actually say that life has been nothing short of a learning process for me.
  45. There are a lot of things that I prefer to keep to myself.
  46. I'm very glad that I've finally reached 46th fact.
  47. I have three blogs. XD
  48. I dream of a collaboration album with some of my favorite musicians. Though most of them would probably be dead by the time I reach an acceptable age. :
  49. I used to lie like shit earlier. Now, I don't. Usually. *winks*
  50. I want to see how a skunk spreads the bad smell.



I admire self-centred people now. I mean...thinking of so many things to talk about themselves is pretty hard to do. Commendable!


Okay::My tags?

I tag Charu, Nil, Ramit, Thousif, Sid, Ally, Shreya, The Me, and...Smrithi :)

Take care guys,

you rock :)


Charu said...

[Grrr...just deleted my already-written comment by mistake] I was going to say it was a nice read, and there were a couple of points I can apply to myself too. Will include them in my list.

Went on a "pilgrimage" today. I'd gone to ask about the 11th class books, but ended up feeling like an idiot in jeans :| Ah well...

The Bald Guy said...

Wow. That must have been hard!

I'll do it soon! I promise!

Love the information in this one!

Remya said...

@Charu: LOL...what happened, were you victim to the bookshop guys snubbing for which he's most famous for?

@Tbeej: Sure..We're all waiting for it on your blog :)

Sid said...

Thanks for the tag.

You want to know how a skunk spreads the smell??? Thats the most weird thing in the list..

Charu said...

No, I was in a long line of children from 7th class and younger, all staring at me wearing jeans and a T-shirt...

Oh, and I've posted my list :) Let me know what you think.

Remya said...

@Sid: LOl..yeah :P

@Charu: Oh...now I geddit/...;)
Sure..On my way to ur blog :)

SOUMYA said...
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