Thursday, April 8, 2010

Much Ado About Nothing- Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik

Get the bride, get the groom, some good controversy, entry of the "Other Woman/ Man", and ofcourse, our darling Media. And what do you get? Torture.
Every morning when a person gets up and grabs some coffee, the reason why he picks up the newspaper is not to read about someone who till date has had no ambition and is having problems with her fiancee, who is another loser dude.
Even if you want to put us through the torture of getting to know all the gory and boring details of their marriage/breakup/affairs, why not just put it in the gossip section on the last page of the newspaper?
Because as far as I'm concerned, I don't really give a jack to a guy who had no balls to admit that he's married.
Ever wondered why Sania Mirza never made it to the top 5 in the past 7 years and yet Saina Nehwal was able to do so in a jiffy? Yet, Nehwal is younger and less privileged.
It's all about having substance.
It's all about the dedication.
Mirza never looked like she had it in her, and she had all characteristics of someone who'd give it all away in a minute on encountering a good-looking guy.
I mean does she have any brains? Didn't she hear Shoaib saying that he felt "duped" on seeing this other woman of his. Is she noting the shallowness of his thoughts? A guy who purely is more concerned about a woman's physical props..a guy who married her on phone. On phone. On phone?!!?!?
Give. Me. A. Break.
Is this dude a juvenile? Didn't he have the basic sense to meet this chick before he married her? How dumb is he?
Frankly speaking, his nationality on his passport is the least of my concerns here. I don't care whether he's a Pakistani, Iraqi or even an Eskimo for that matter. It's all about having sense and the human streak in you.
So basically, if Mirza plans to marry him, it's her call. If she chooses him, then she deserves him. As sad as it may seem to be.
As for me, I was thoroughly happy in the morning to read that they've settled the matter. I'm in no mood to read anything further on this subject.It's a circus, this world. We're all the spectators, and they're the clowns. And as for the Other Woman? Well, sometimes, spectators get excited and want to do what the clowns are doing. But if she expects to have a normal life after all this drama? Well, then she's expecting a lot.
And no, I don't sympathise with her and nor do I feel she did a thing of bravery. Coz at the end of the day, whichever story is true, hers or his, she had it coming. For choosing a jerk with a playboy reputation, or for lying to him, she just had it coming.
Anyways, there's this really hillarious FanPage on Facebook I was just checking out...It goes something like this; "Thank You Pakistan for taking Sania Mirza, now please take Rakhi Sawant too!"
LAWL. Now, someone has got a sense of humor there!
and their topic of Discussion was "what gift should be given to Sania and Shoaib on their marriage?" And one person had written, "Give them Bal Thackeray" Another said," Give them Sunny Deol to fix a handpump at their new house"
What do you think fellows?


Sid said...

You know you will make it big as a politician ;)

Agree right thru :)

Subu said...

Shaoib's tale : Men who do not fight back get raped in public

Remya said...

@Sid: Haha..Glad to hear tht ;D

@Subu: Ohkay..but you've given an incomplete address..I need to have the full URL to access the page.
Visit again :)

Princess Pranu said...

Both are losers...
In the press conference, sania mentioned that she knew the truth behind the Ayesha-Shoaib thing.. so now what when shoaib is proved as a liar.. And what an jackass to marry some girl on the phone! Was he so desperate that he didn't even wish to meet the girl b4 marrying her... Seriously, what a fool... I am glad that Ayesha finally got 'chutkaara' from a loser like him..

SOUMYA said...

fully agree wid u sister
n thanx 2 d media it has becum a full blown thamasha....
i have always maintained dt Sania Mirza is an over-rated player wid credentials being given to her more dan wht she deserves.!!!
n new in2 d pic is Shoaib Malik i mean apart frm bans,suspensions n fines i have never heard much about him!!!!! :D

whtever d drama is, i pity bod d gurls-one 4 marrying a completely gutless man n d odr for pining 4 dt same man(i mean she still loves him???duh)
it kinda makes me remember dt Shakespeare's poem

"All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
its jst dt sum players over-act their parts and dese ppl are examples of it.!!!

Remya said...

2Soumya: For the first time, I kinda have to second ur comment..Well-written :D
But still,
I will.not. forgive u fr stealing this post and putting it in ur coll's blog :P
Things I have to put up, I tell you!