Friday, April 2, 2010

The Comeback *Drum Rolls*

Yo people! Imma back!!!!
And I'm laughing at Pranali's comment on my cbox("check 1-2-3 check 1-2-3!!????").
Nai-ce..Didn't know there were people waiting for me =P
Yep, feels good :DDD
*grins devilishly*
Oh-kay so yeah..I know I'm the laziest 15-yr old you will find on the face of the Earth..but I've been busy. Toh-tally.
What with all the Pool playing, UNO games, movies, internet, Arsenal matches, Punk'd 's reruns, and oh yeah--the Boards :P
Now if you're thinking that I'm going to launch into a premediated speech expressing my relief on the conclusion of Boards then you're wrong.
So Wrong.
Because the moot point is- The Boards have ended, I had a good enough after-exam chill-out session with friends, good enough question papers to answer( Science sucked by the way) and finally,finally, finalllay--- I'll be studying subjects of my preference. Happy Life.
So yeah..after exams what have I been doing?
As I mentioned- Pool, UNO,Arsenal, Punkd and movies have pretty much kept me busy followed by calls to random friends grumbling about how boring life is. Followed by hearing tales about Towels and whatnots from Nil and her brother ( ye-ah now THAT is one long and weird story)*winks*
So I've pledged to be more regular on my poor blog...(Bah!)
I think Frippery's almost dead =D
Oh and I've recently witnessed the inauguration of my new blog. Claps. Yeah, the sad tale is-- I'm not gonna tell anyone it's address. I wanna be anonymous.
*gives the dark look*
And no- it's not there on my Profile..I've created it from a different don't try to act all smart brains.. Yes, I'm definitely showing all the early signs of grabbing the Miss Most Conceited Award 2010 :D
So people, you must have finally reached the conclusion that I'm in one of my spongebob silly retard moods. Therefore, I have decided that before digging a grave of boredom for all of you,
I'm gonna get out of here and save you the torture.. :D
Love one, love me,
Take care-


Anonymous said...

We like you anyways. So keep 'em coming!

Good luck! Happy for you!

Thousif Raza said...

that was one post... umm umm scrumptious, crunch... glad that your xams over girl.... so the fun remya is back... wohoooo...yeah... hurrrr(its not the booze, i promise ya ;))

and secret blog *wink* *wink* *wonk*(something goes into the eye) aww....

but anywayz.... glad you are back...:) will be waiting for more stuff

take care and keep writing

The Bald Guy said...

Honey is there a prize if we find your other blog? :P

Are you sure there's one? :D

Ally said...

I'm glad you're having fun ^__^Keep writing though!! =)

Remya said...

@TBG: Yeah..the prize is a very honorable title called "Remya's good books" ;-)
And yes Ramit, I do have a new blog... :P
*rolling my eyes*

@Thousif: "Crunch?" wow..u top my list of the most rndom words to describe a blogpost :P
Don't wink too much buddy :P

@Ally : Hi :D

Charu said...

An anonymous blog? Well, wish you BEST of luck for that. I think people might try for your prize, but I thought your readers were already there?! In fact they were in your acceptance speech, right? *wink*

Until then, glad to see you're back!

Sid said...

Yeah anon blogging is fun... welcome to the club :)

Remya said...

@Charu: Heyy..long time yaa? Can't wait to catch up wid y'all on 11th :)
and Yep..they're all in my acceptance speech :P

@Sid: Hey man..dnt tell me ur into it too? Yeah...u know i find it kinda fun..Bt its only me on my followers yet.
So i's more like a personal diary :D
Cheers :)