Wednesday, April 14, 2010

11th-- The First Look.

School started 2 days back.
Vacations have ended. And plus..I like school.
And I love the fact that I've chosen the stream I have.
Obviously I still hate the popping eyes which greet me whenever I mention I have taken up humanities.
("What!!?!?? Humanities?!? You didn't take up science!?!? Remya!?!?)
Yes, idiot. I did NOT take up science now shove it up your ar*e.
I love my subjects- My maths teacher officially is theee best. He's like a big ball of energy which explodes everytime he comes to the class to teach. He's probably the few teachers who're absolutely kicked up about teaching their subject :) class is fun since there're hardly 10 kids in a big room. :) And I love trying to figure out the random questions that our teacher shoots at us.

Our geography teacher---the most prettiest teacher in the school--Seriously, she looks like 32 instead of 40's---is the sweetest.

My english teacher is a sad and an annoyed old religious bobby who is the epitome of intolerance. She needs some spice in her personal life. But who cares? She's retiring in July anyway..So yay for that ;D

My Statistics teacher is the school principal who confuses me with his weird speeches which absolutely don't touch the topic--which is Indian Statistics.. Oh and yes, he spends atleast 3 minutes in every class bragging about his accomplishments in the school. But he's long as he isn't being mean.

My Indian Eco teacher is a loud-speaker in human disguise taking particular interest in sucking happiness out of children's life. She made it a point to make all the science-eco students stand in a corner in our first class and gave them an insulting speech about how none of it will get through Eco as a 5th option and how they'll all end up failing the subject anyway. Fun. Not.

My class teacher is a soft-spoken sweetheart who made me the monitor right away.
Oh did mention that? I'm the monitor. Now if that was the case when I was in 7th grade, I would've been happy. But being the monitor for an entire class of 16-yr-olds and being responsible for keeping them quiet is NOT a fun thing to do. They don't even listen to their parents...and then my class teacher thinks they're gonna listen to me. Blah!

I'm the display-board monitor too. Now that was something I volunteered to do. But maybe that was because my class teacher was looking at me all hopefully that I would raise my hand when she asked who would like to do the Class Display Board up...And out of sheer respect and sympathy (Everybody was trying to avoid her eyes and making it a point to ignore her), I raised my hand up.
Now the problem is--I suck at art and I'm the laziest 15-and-a-half-yr-old in the world today. And getting me to finish the Board within one week without a hint of procrastination is practically a joke. So anyways, muttering a silent prayer, I decided to choose FIFA 2010 and Commonwealth as the topics for the Board....So atleast this will get the boys to take part in the Board work too.
I love my subjects...did I mention that?..Oh yes..I think I did.
Oh..wait...I just got a call from one of my classmates..He was asking if he should get the religion chart right away. He's the sweetest. Trimaan you rock ;-)
And the best part about 11th?..I sorta like my class :D
Take care people :)


nil said...

Ahhaa. Nicely put!
The Anju Sinha part was HOT!

The Bald Guy said...

Good luck!

Charu said...

Nicely written. Agree with every point of yours.

Remya said...

@Nil: haha..see?..I toldya ;-)

@Tbeej: thank you :)

@Charu: thanks..:D

Thousif Raza said...

well i am so glad to know that you are enjoying your classes remya....:)....

there are really not many people who enjoy what they do... and you are enjoying... so that makes it more funn na... :)

and the story is updated... hope you like it.....:)

have fun in your 11th, may it be your best school year...

take care and keep writing...........

Princess Pranu said...

My 11th was a disaster... New college...New people (who I din get along with)... I never went to college in 11th but always used to hang out in the college where my friend's used to study!!

As Thousif said- Not many ppl enjoy what they do... U'r lucky that ur enjoying ur subjects...

Remya said...

@Thousif: Hi, yeah..I'm on my eay to your blog anyway...:)

@Pranali: THAT kinda seems similar..Yeah..I remember in South India coll. started frm 11th right? That kinda sucks..Atleast here, we have the same friends in the school but they're just in diffrnt sections..That makes it more

raj said...

Congo yaar on takin up Humanitites ..!!!
atleast u get 2 enjoi lyf....unlyk d blood-sucking faculty members of science... :D
jst kiddin
i knw dis post cumes very l8
bt All the best sis for ur future

Vanita said...

I love the eng teacher part!:)

Remya said...

@Soumya: Thanks, man!
I love you :)

@Vanta: Hahahaaaaaaaah.
It was deliberately written in a way that it emerges as everyone's favorite part ;)