Monday, March 15, 2010

Tee-Hee :D

Hi :)
Just came back from school...had gone to get some Chem doubts solved...but stupid me forgot most of her doubts when she entered the chem lab..and then ended up being given the "weird" looks by the chem teacher :
So anyways, after just a fifteen minute doubt 8:15a.m. it finally struck me that I should've called dad to pick me up from school as the study session was so short...but before that could happen...I got swarmed by some random teachers asking me how my exams went. :
So I put on my "fakest" smile and "fakest" sugary voice and with feigned enthusiasm remarked how amazingly "easy" all the papers were...while my mind mentally repeated, "Yeah sure hon, lie as much as you want, everything will get straightened at result time"
: mind is really high on optimism.
So anyways, by the time all of them left me, it was had already left for office and cudnt pick me up..So I was left to be tormented by the very fact of spending another 3 hours in the school.
Mom found me a nice quite class and left me there. The nice quiet class slowly started filling up with teachers and became a pain in the a*se.
So anyways, I spent the next 2 and half hours chatting with Rita Kale maam when her phone rang. And she got all "Aw beta, no betu, olley olley" sorts. Yuck. Super-yuck.
Now lemme tell you, Mrs. Rita Kale is the last human being on the entire earth whom you would expect to talk like that. She's the 3rd best terror in the school (but nice by heart) and hearing her speak like that is like saying that a Tiger was kissing a pigeon. Yeah. Literally that bad.
She kept the phone down. I asked her who it was. She said Rahul.
I paused flipping through the pages of my copy.
"Er...maam what?"
"Your son maam?"
"Yes Remya, or else will I be talking to the neighbor's son like that?"
"Maam, I'm sorry, but the guy who's in twelfth. That one right?"
"I have only one son."
Ohkay, so that 17 year old dude was being coochi-cooed by his terror mom?
Oh My freaking Lord.
The World is truly coming to an end.

"Ha!" My mind remarked gleefully," Now if I meet Rahul again, I'll blackmail him with this fact."
Yes, I'm evil.
But he started it...he stole tazos from my tazo collection when I was in fourth grade and never gave it back.
I ain't forgiving him.
Mayawati's a super pain. I dunno why people even bother liking that woman. What is SO freaking great in her? She's the most dumb, corrupt, unattractive ,illiterate and insensitive politician of all time. No wonder India doesn't advance. Indian citizens have got some serious issues with their preferences. Anybody who doesnt like my saying this can go to hell. Because frankly I dont care how much you love her.
She sickens me.
Anyways, so I asked dad if on my next birthday he would gift me a similar garland like the one she was gifted with and told him to replace the 1000 Rupees notes with 100 if he was feeling extremely miserly. He just gave me a look and asked me to return the 1000 bucks I had taken from him on God-Knows-What-Date for God-Knows-What-Reason. So I just made a dash for it...before he thought of some other debt.
Seriously, like parents are a pain.
Especially, the inconsiderate ones
P.S.: And no, I did not mean the last few lines :D
Take care people,
Miss me :)


nil said...

"Aw beta, no betu, olley olley" -- BWAHAHHAAHAHHAHA!! No kidding!! RITA KALEY said THAT?!!!!! ^^^^
I think I'm going to die laughing!!!

Charu said...

I think I'll compress my comment this time.


Remya said...

@Nil and Charu: Yeah. Exactly my point. :|

SOUMYA said...

so u were kinda eavesdropping on her conversation rt????
i mean werent u sittin dere 2 study bt ur mind was busy making evil plans hw 2 torment ppl....gawd u r still d same.!!!

guys dis wht used to do to me too.......

Remya said...

@Soumya: Haha..LOL..yep, you caught me *winks*..But I couldn't help not hearing her coz she was literally shouting in the empty class and her voice was echoing!!
And babe, This is my blog, here people like me more than you *grins devilishly* so basically your last line did NOT hold any appeal XD