Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Gunners Vs. The Tigers.

I'm back. :D
I finally got my lazy hand moving across the keypad to scribble a post. Damn. You have no effing idea how hard it is to do so now.
First Topic: The Boards
Social Science: was mainly High Order Thinking Stuff...blabbed shit on and on and on for three hours. Was a bit pissed by the end of the paper as I wasn't sure of any of the answers I had just vomited into the paper. So went back, mom saw pissed face, asked in a tensed voice how it was, I ignored her and muttered an "okay" (yes, I've got the manners of a cow), seeing that I was gonna almost cry, took my paper, made me go through my answers, and Voila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Most of them were Freaking correct!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life rocks :D

Then French- super sexy.
I love Abida ma'am. She's the best :D
Its a long story;;;;; It was 1:00 a.m. in the morning of my exam, I'd just concluded with my revision, planning to go to sleep, a friend calls (not naming her ), asks if I've done everything, I'm confident and tell her, "yeah..I'm finished with the syllabus".
Her tone changes and she asks challengingly if I've done everything.
I say jovially, "Ofcourse yaa, nahi kiya toh bhi I'll do the paper..that's how I manage to top every year."
"How super conceited I am" I think to myself dryly and wink at the mirror.
Oops. Wrong thing to say to a person who messes french every time.
So, she takes my permission and starts testing me. Starts shooting some really retarded questions which I must admit, -pretty much sucked my brains out.
I get nervous. Her tone changes, seems more satisfied now.
Urgh. Ever heard of the saying that girls can be "classic bitches"? even to their friends?
So anyways, I'm dead flustered. Look at my bed, shake my head and open my grammar book again. So much so for topping.

Time: 3:10.a.m. State of Mind- Beaten, tired, sleepy, nervous like s**t.
Mom knocks on door tentatively. Opens the door, Sees me awake. Screams the house down.
Wakes dad up, complains how I'll end up so tired that I'll sleep on my answer sheet itself. Both of them sandwich me in between and make me sleep with them.

Time: 7:15 a.m. State of Mind: still nervous.
Mom asks me what happened, as I'm generally shameless enough not to be this nervous before an exam. I tell her. Oops. The stream of profanities aimed at no one in particular starts.
"Why do you talk to such people?"
"Why are you so naive?"
"I have to, HAVE TO, take your cellphone away."
"What was the need??!?!?!?!?!?"
I can see she's damn angry. I duck her questions, go into my room. Mom goes to school.

Time: 8:30 a.m. State of Mind: still nervous.
Have called Nilanjana up for some comfort, but considering the fact that she was literally drooling sleepily on the phone, I finally concluded that she wasn't the perfect confidante for the moment. Think of calling the sister. But she's in college.
No way calling up mom. That would be the death of me.
Suddenly, cellphone rings.
I give it a weary look. Unknown number. Great.
"Remya beta!!"
Abida maam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Trust me, I've never, NEVER, been this glad to hear a teacher's voice before.
Apparently, mom went and told her everything.
She lectures me for 15 minutes, I think of crying but decide against it. Finally, she promises me she'll meet me at the examination centre's gate.

Time: 9:30a.m. State of Mind: wtf man. Screw people. I rock. Abida maam rocks.I don't care if flunk, but I have to, HAVE TO do well for her. I decide.

So anyways, dad says he can't drop me to the school gate as it's damnation hell of a traffic there. So he drops me off a few metres away. I walk with my hair flying, for some reason feeling very shamelessly happy and light. I see Abida maam, mom, Nilanjana, Charu and a few others standing in a cluster smiling at me. Ohkay, that sounded weird.
So anyways, ma'am hugged me,. gave me another nice ( and shorter) lecture on my capabilities and how I shouldn't care about others.
Yeah, as if that's happening anytime soon.
I bid them all a cheery goodbye

God!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAH, MUAH, MUAH!!!! SEXY PAPERRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
I smile wide and look at everyone saintly.
Therefore, Abida maam rocks.

Oh for this, I don't have to tell you much except my reception at the examination center.
That was super-fun. Conceited me got a high out of all the attention.
Paper was easy...thankfully...all that completing three books and 9 hours straight of sample papers for an entire month bore some result. Thank Gawd.
But still I did end up messing some stuff up. Who cares? As long as I'm in the A category.

So shameless me, has now got 9 days for her next exam. Read English. Gonna study science till then. Coz I havent studied science even a bit. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna flunk in it.
I'd planned I'd start studying science as soon as Maths got over--which was two days back. But did I ever mention procrastination's my second name?
Been watching football matches one after the other since two days(mainly Barclay Premier League), watched the Bahrain F1 GP, reading Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, the thousand paged book which my dad had gifted me. And now, finally after two years of lying forlornly in my bookcase,it's being read. I'm pretty sure its happy. ;-)

PS.: The title's based on Arsenal and Hull City's Barclay premier League match which was going on at midnight yesterday. Even though I've always favored Chelsea over Arsenal, but here, Arsenal was my favorite. Hands down. And it won. Yay!
P.s.2: Can't wait for the FIFA WORLD CUP. Hotness.

P.s.3: I made a sweet dish today!!! Mom finally let me in the kitchen. Its called either "sewiya" or "semiya". I'm still not sure :/
Good news: No one died of food poisoning......atleast not Yet...
Actually, my parents said it was extremely good and they asked for second helpings...Dad blew it a trifle by commenting how I have learnt it all from him.
LOL, yeah sure dad. :P
No wonder mom gave him a nice icy glare. BWAHAHAA...Parents I tell you.

Now that my coffee's finished. I'm gonna end the post.
Bye people, I love you, You love me,
so take care :P


The Bald Guy said...

Yeah we do love you!

Good luck for the rest of them!

And congratulations for not killing anyone with your cooking! I'm so happy for all the others who braved it.

Ok, I should shut up. Or you'll never feed me.

The Me. said...

Your parents sound sweet =D
Congrats on acing the exams! I just messed up a very important one today. x.x
Anyway. Fun reading!
Keep writing. ^^

Remya said...

@Ramit: Haha...yeah, keep talking like that and I'll never give you my sewiya or semiya..watevr it is...Hmph!
*looks wickedly*

@TheMe: My parents are sweet at specified occassions. Boards happen to be one of them...XD
And trust me, whenever you think that you've messed the xam up, you tend to get much better than your expectations.
*looks saintly*
atleast that's what my neighbors tell me. ;-)

You guys rock-yo :D

Charu said...

Am pretty sure you're going to ace your exams. So much dedicated study and no results? I don't think so.
Love your story about the boards. Wish I'd had such an exciting time ;)
Made a few good investments at Select City walk lately. So good in fact, that I was in a sort of dream until I watched TV. Best part is that I can indulge in that wonderful dream again on saturday. Anyway, glad to know I have companions as far as the procrastination goes.
Still, bye for now. And best of luck for science and english.

Sid said...

Ur friend messing with ur brain... reminds me of my 10 :)

all the best for the rest :)

Remya said...

@Charu: Hey...what investment? You lost me there...:|
Oh and I'll be meeting you at the center right? So I'll wish you luck then :)

@Sid: Reminds you of your tenth?? Dont tell me you used to do the same thing of freaking people out before their exams...I'll officially condemn you XD
Thanks for the wishes :)