Saturday, February 27, 2010

ShortFiction #1 Departure.

I was aiming at something like a Fiction55...But couldn't..I always ended up exceeding by 5, 6 words or something...So I'd call this a short story.

I silently sobbed against his unbeating heart that was buried inside the coffin.

The ghost of his last laugh frozen on his carelessly handsome face . I glanced a look at the guitar lying beside him. And I sang, I sang my heart out, in the deathly silent graveyard.

His last words ringing in my ears,"Sing to me in my grave, grandpa."


The Bald Guy said...

Geez girl, you brought a tear in my eye.

nil said...

You know a writing is beautiful when the first line helps you skip a beat.
Brilliant. Simply.

Charu said...

The suspense was brilliant. And the last line just made the whole thing more beautiful.

Remya said...

@Ramit: Jeez Ramit! You brought a smile on my face.
Thank you.

@Nil: Yours made me skip a beat too. But that was your last line which made me breathless.

@Charu: Thank you so much...:)

SOUMYA said...

WOW that one was really touching gurl.....liked the the last line specially....
(sniff sniff.)

Remya said...

@Soumya: thanks man...That means a lot.. :)

Dew drops said...

v touching...u rock!