Friday, January 8, 2010


The title is absolutely random and so is the post. The past few days,I didn't get any creative upsurges, extraordinary events, maniacal thoughts to report..nothing. Nix. Nought. Blank.
Oh, I know what, my mind is being really busy doing nothing.
But you can't really blame the poor li'l has to sit up there at the top and do all the work.. My exams have started again. (God bless the CBSE morons)
It's the pre-board this time. *dramatically shivers*
SST passed. It was just okay...stupid questions frankly speaking. And I did what I was good at-- droned on and on and on and on.
My history teach's gonna have a field day reading all the romantic stories, dramatic twists that I cooked up during the 3-hour paper. And geography?...Er. Let's hope she's in a good mood.
Nothing much up this PC gave me a heart attack a few minutes back by reporting the presence of an "Uncurable virus". Then I coughed and spluttered on the cup of coffee I was holding. Made some calls to a dreary computer engineer("What? You got a virus again? Remya!!! how do u manage it?)

Ass. talks as if I invent them or something..

But yes, he's a sweetheart. So anyways...instructions were passed, hurried actions took place, a clicking of mouse here and there, punched some keys and Voila! Operation successful and my PC is steadily recuperating ;)
Wow. I'm talking about my computer's health.
Shows the extent of randomness I can go upto.
I think I should stop.
Anyways, pray for my next exam :)
take care


Charu said...

romantic stories and dramatic twists? uh-huh...

Anonymous said...

yeah..that pretty much sums up my sst paper :)

Fashion Police said...

hey remya
really like your Blog :D
And you don't even sound like you're in school, you know that? :0
Anyway good luck with the boards! Toodles :)

Anonymous said...

@FashionPolice: heyy!
welcome! :DD
aww...thanks for the comment!Come here more often :DD