Tuesday, December 29, 2009

For whom I stand strong..

A Poem that I wrote today morning. Tell me what you conjure.


There was one last step to be taken
One last hope to be felt
The flickering happiness within
Ever fragile, so delicate
I paused, waiting, should it be?
A ray of hope? The one I've been waiting for?
The one you craved?

I held you, steadying your thin frame
Ashen face, the color gone
Only the grey, only the white

The gates were tall, not pearly white, as I'd always heard.
Were my eyes playing trick?
So dominating.So tall.
Is this what makes people wish death?
Is this what you made me come here for?
For the deathly silence?
around, it was a deep purple, royal, mystic.

Your back hurt, lips quivering
Life had done that to you,
But why not me? Why hadn't I lost all hope?
I guess it was for you.
I had to stand strong for you.

We ascended, every step a burden.
Your body heavy, I winced when you fell.
Your head hit against the gold
crashing into the wealth,
a thousand voices cried in pain within you.
My eyes-your eyes watered.
That was what Life had done to you.
But no purple came this time, only blue
Yes, you were dependable. So was I.
That's why we are one.

We climbed the seven golds, lustrous, behind
Now all that was left was to touch
Touch the gates
But why isn't it visible?
Why isn't it seen?
Why is it only within your memory?
Maybe it's because you came from there.

And I, I watched them both, from behind, struggling
Struggling with life, fighting for each other.
Fighting for their love, for their bond.
Now, they were there,
They touched it, the invisible gate.
And fell within
His soul and him
echoing their last thoughts
"Why hadn't I lost all hope?
I guess it was for you. Because I had to stand strong for you."
He had a benevolent and strong soul, that little child.
He should've lived.
Aye, he should've lived.
For his soul.


Charu said...

Nice poem, though I confess, I'll have to take out time to reread it a few times before I understand fully. Will tell you what I 'conjure' then :)

Pesto Sauce said...

Good effort. You appear gifted

Anonymous said...

@Charu: Oh that's fine :)
I didnt expect everyone to understand..take your time.

@Pesto: hi, welcome to my humble abode ;)
and thanks a lot. :D

Sid said...

very well written... i believe u can understand it if u hv experienced it. Keep writing :)

nil said...

Finally got it. The last 2 lines were enough of a confirmation. Beautifully written and expressed babe. I agree,you're gifted :)

Anonymous said...

@Sid: exactly my point :)
thank you...*all smiles*
@Bongz: oyee!!!
thanks, but you're better, poem's your thing right?